Export Control and the University

Since universities do not usually import or export physical goods, deemed exports are the main area of concern. A deemed export is the transmission of knowledge or information to a non-U.S. person within the United States. The United States government views sharing certain information with a non-U.S. person the same as sending the same information to the person’s home country. This is why export control is important in a university setting.

International travel is another area where people in a university setting might encounter export control restrictions. Faculty members and researchers frequently travel internationally for research collaborations, conferences, and presentations as well as other university related business. Travelers need to consider how export control regulations may impact their travel plans based on their destination country, the reason for their travel, as well as any subject matter they will discuss.

If you would like to arrange a specialized training on export control and how it relates to your unit or department, please contact the Export Control Office at exportcontrol@mail.wvu.edu.