Export Control Forms

Online Form:

  • International Travel Registration - Please complete the Office of Global Affairs WVU Abroad international travel registration for all WVU-business travel. The export control questions are incorporated into this new travel registration site.
  • ECO Notification for International Vacation Travel - Please complete this only if you are taking WVU equipment with you on personal travel. This is for the ECO's records and so the ECO can assist you in case your destination has specific export control requirements related to your equipment.  

PDF Forms:

Download and save these forms to your computer prior to completing the forms otherwise the information you enter will not be saved. Please use electronic signatures in the format /Firstname Lastname/ for signatures on all forms. Please check back periodically as these forms may be updated. 
  • WVU Export Control Visa Form
  • WVU Export Control International Visitor Form - Please complete this form for any international visitor not currently residing in the United States where WVU will not file a visa petition on the visitor's behalf, such as a B-1 visa or under the visa waiver program. The ECO may require additional information on a case by case basis. 
  • Best Practices Form - This form is built into the online travel registry so it is not necessary to submit the separate form to the ECO if you complete the online travel registry.