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International Travel

An export control screening is required for WVU Personnel on international travel related to WVU business or travel to embargoed countries with WVU-owned equipment or access to WVU networks. WVU Personnel must register their travel no later than one month prior to departure. If you are traveling to an embargoed or sanctioned country or if your travel may involve export controlled subject matter or equipment, contact the ECO at least three months in advance of travel in case a license is required.

The Office of Global Affairs hosts the International Travel Registry. WVU Personnel should use the registry to request an export control screening for any upcoming travel.

Please note, this information is not made public. It is kept internally to assist in times of need. By completing this simple form, you are registering your travel, enrolling in WVU's international insurance plan and emergency response service, and fulfilling your Export Control obligations. 

For more information on the travel registry, please visit the Office of Global Affairs' travel FAQ page.

Accessing WVU Email while Traveling Abroad

Best Practices for Protecting Data During International Travel

Traveling today is much easier and more efficient with modern technology. You can stay productive, entertained, and in touch. Unfortunately, traveling with devices can also mean increased risks for keeping your data private. WVU personnel traveling abroad are encouraged to review and utilize Best Practices for Defending Your Data During International Travel.