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Below are links to other WVU research links, government websites related to export control, export control blogs, and export control news.

If you have any questions related to interpretation of export control laws and regulations and how they apply to you, please contact the ECO. Only the ECO is authorized by WVU to contact federal agencies related to interpretation and implementation of export control laws and regulations for WVU activities.

Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Videos

United States Government Export Control Links

United States Government Lists of Debarred and Blocked Entities, Persons, etc.

Please note: These are some of the government maintained lists the WVU ECO checks during the screening process, but is not inclusive of all government lists. This information provided in these links is meant to provide greater clarification about the WVU ECO's procedures, not to replace the various screenings the ECO routinely performs on behalf of WVU personnel.

Export Control News