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Research Office

Hosting International Visitors

WVU welcomes and encourages collaboration between faculty and international scholars. Often these partnerships include on-campus visits by foreign persons, or persons representing foreign entities.

Before inviting or accepting a visit by a foreign visitor, please register the visit in the Office of Global Affairs’ International Visitor Registry. Upon receipt of the registration, the Export Control Office will review the visit to determine if the visitor is on a federal restricted party list, associated with a restricted entity, and/or whether there are any additional export control restrictions or requirements based on the nature and scope of the visit.  The ECO will contact the host if any additional information is required, and provide any applicable export control requirements or guidance, where appropriate.

If you are planning to host a foreign visitor, please register the visit in the International Visitor Registry.  Whenever possible, please file the registration at least 2 weeks prior or as soon as the details of the visit are known.

* Foreign visitors who require registration include:

  • Any individual who is not a U.S. citizen; or
  • Any individual who is not a U.S. permanent resident alien (Green Card holder); or
  • Any individual who is not a protected individual (e.g., refugees, or have political asylum); or
  • Any individual visiting on behalf of a foreign corporation/business/organization/group not incorporated or organized under U.S. law; or
  • Any individual representing a foreign government or any agency or subdivision of a foreign government (e.g., diplomatic missions)

The Export control Office will review each registration and provide the host with any applicable export control requirements and/or guidance. 

In addition to following all guidance provided by the ECO for a particular visit, WVU Personnel hosting the international visitor(s) should do the following, as applicable:

  • Escort the visitor at all times on the WVU campus;
  • Prior to the meeting/visit, inform all staff members who may be involved of the limitations regarding the release of controlled technical data to the foreign visitor;
  • Ensure that the conference room and other areas to be visited do not have any export control information readily visible to the visitor;
  • Review all information to be disclosed or disseminated during the visit to ensure that no information is export controlled;
  • Immediately report any incidents or suspected incidents as well as any improper information requests from the visitor; and
  • Ensure the visitor(s) only has access to publicly available information.
Please contact the Export Control Office directly with any questions.