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Research Office

Hosting International Visitors

Please contact the ECO before inviting or accepting a visit from a non-U.S. person, who does not currently reside in the United States and who may engage in or discuss WVU-related research or academic activities or otherwise exchange such information. The WVU Personnel who is hosting the visit must notify the ECO in advance so the ECO can determine if the visitor is on a federal restricted party list, associated with a restricted entity, or if there are other export control concerns related to the visit. This information can be provided on the WVU International Visitor Form (PDF). Please contact the ECO directly if there are questions. Necessary information includes, but is not limited to:

  • The legal full name of the visitor(s);
  • Visitor’s employer/affiliation;
  • The purpose of the visit and what the visitor(s) will see/use during the visit;
  • The dates of the visit; and
  • The name(s) of the WVU Personnel who is hosting the visitor(s); and
  • A copy of the passport or CV/resume of the visitor(s), if available.

In addition to following all guidance provided by the ECO for a particular visit, WVU Personnel hosting the international visitor(s) should do the following, as applicable:

  • Escort the visitor at all times on the WVU campus;
  • Prior to the meeting/visit, inform all staff members who may be involved of the limitations regarding the release of controlled technical data to the foreign visitor;
  • Ensure that the conference room and other areas to be visited do not have any export control information readily visible to the visitor;
  • Review all information to be disclosed or disseminated during the visit to ensure that no information is export controlled;
  • Immediately report any incidents or suspected incidents as well as any improper information requests from the visitor; and
  • Ensure the visitor(s) only has access to publicly available information.

Please also see the Visiting Scholars Guidelines (PDF) for more information on inviting a visitor to campus.