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Research Office

Export Control Screening of Externally Funded Research Grants and Contracts

The ECO will work closely with the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to screen for export control restrictions in externally funded research grants and contracts. An export control screening can be triggered by a variety of research scenarios, including a research sponsor’s insistence on having the right to restrict publications, review publications before approving them, or prohibit the involvement of non-U.S. persons in the work.

The OSP has primary responsibility for identifying awarded grants and contracts that require export control screening. Upon making such a determination, the OSP will notify the principal investigator of the grant or contract in question that an export control screening is required. The OSP will forward a copy of the statement of work of the flagged grant or contract to the ECO and instruct the principal investigator to contact the ECO to facilitate an export control screening of the project. The OSP will not allow the affected grant or contract funding to proceed until: the ECO conducts the required screening; the principal investigator acknowledges the results of the screening in writing; and the principal investigator agrees in writing to abide by any written instructions or technology control plan (TCP) issued by the ECO.