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If you would like to arrange export control training for a unit or department, please contact the ECO directly.

CITI Export Control Training

Employees and students at West Virginia University can access specialized training modules from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program). To access the Export Control specific training module, please see the following instructions:

Go to the CITI training website and click the Log In button. Once taken to the login page, there will be three options to login. Select “Log In Through My Institution” and select West Virginia University from the list of partner institutions to login using your WVU credentials.

Once logged in, select “View Courses” and then “Add a Course” to view the complete list of courses offered. The Export Control module can be found in Question 10. Check the box next to the “CITI Export Controls Course” and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page to begin the training module.

Additional Resources:

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