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Research Office

Export Control Committee

The Export Control Committee (“ECC”) will review, assess, and prioritize potential threats to continuing compliance with U.S. export control requirements. Recommendations from the ECC will be sought by the Export Control Officer regarding the management of compliance risks and the appropriate actions to be taken, in adherence with federal laws and regulations and WVU requirements.

The ECC has authority for reviewing, prioritizing, and advising on identified areas of export control compliance risk. The committee also has the authority for developing mechanisms to mitigate or eliminate unacceptable risk.

Current Members

  • Dr. Fred King, Vice President for Research
  • Alan Martin, Associate Vice President for Research Administration
  • Dr. Linda Vona-Davis, Director, Biomedical Master of Science in Health Sciences
  • Dean Gregory Bowman, Dean of the College of Law
  • Dr. Tim Warner, Professor of Geography and Geology
  • Dr. William Brustein, Vice President for Global Strategies and International Affairs
  • Dave Satterfield, Facility Security Officer for WVU Innovation Corporation
  • Dr. Richard Turton, Chair of Chemical Engineering
  • Ryan Watson, Senior Associate General Counsel
  • Patty Powers, Export Control Officer

Export Control Charter (DOCX)